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Beyond Horizons: A Half Century of Air Force Space Leadership 

by David N. Spires

Publisher: AU Press 1998

chapter 1 - Before Sputnik: The Air Force Enters the Space Age, 1945-1957
chapter 2 - From Eisenhower to Kennedy: The National Space Program and the Air Force's Quest for the Military Space Mission, 1958-1961
chapter 3 - The Air Force in the Era of Apollo: A Dream Unfulfilled
chapter 4 - From the Ground Up: The Path from Experiment to Operations
chapter 5 - Organizing for Space: The Air Force Commits to Space and an Operational Space Command
chapter 6 - From Star Wars to the Gulf War: The Air Force Moves to Create an Operational Capability for Space
chapter 7 - Coming of Age: Operation Desert Storm and Normalizing Military Space Operations
chapter 8 - An Air Force Vision for the Military Space Mission: A Roadmap to the 21 st Century


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