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Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures

by Alan Baker - Stuart Dutton - Donald kelly

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Introduction and Overview

Basic Principles of Fiber Composite Materials

Fibers for Polymer-Matrix Composites

Polymeric Matrix Materials

Component Form and Manufacture

Structural Analysis

Mechanical Property Measurement

Properties of Composite Systems

Joining of Composite Structures

Repair Technology

Quality Assurance

Aircraft Applications and Design Issues

Airworthiness Considerations For Airframe

Three-Dimensionally Reinforced Preforms and

Smart Structures

Knowledge-Based Engineering, Computer-Aided
Design, and Finite Element Analysis

Book Details

The AIAA Education Series aims to cover a very broad range of topics in the general aerospace field, including basic theory, applications and design. A complete list of titles published in the series can be found on the last pages in this volume. The philosophy of the series is to develop textbooks that can be used in a college or university setting, instructional materials for intensive continuing education and professional development courses, and also books that can serve as the basis for independent self study for working professionals in the aerospace field. We are constantly striving to expand and upgrade the scope and content of the series, so suggestions for new topics and authors are always welcome.





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