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Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow 

by Christopher E. Brennen

Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2005

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Description of this Ebook

The subject of multiphase flows encompasses a vast field, a host of different technological contexts, a wide spectrum of different scales, a broad range of engineering disciplines and a multitude of different analytical approaches. Not surprisingly, the number of books dealing with the subject is voluminous. For the student or researcher in the field of multiphase flow this broad spectrum presents a problem for the experimental or analytical methodologies that might be appropriate for his/her interests can be widely scattered and difficult to find. The aim of the present text is to try to bring much of this fundamental understanding together into one book and to present a unifying approach to the fundamental ideas of multiphase flows. Consequently the book summarizes those fundamental concepts with relevance to a broad spectrum of multiphase flows. It does not pretend to present a comprehensive review of the details of any one multiphase flow or technological context though reference to books providing such reviews is included where appropriate. This book is targeted at graduate students and researchers at the cutting edge of investigations into the fundamental nature of multiphase flows; it is intended as a reference book for the basic methods used in the treatment of multiphase flows.



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