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The Secret of Flight 

by Johan Hoffman, Johan Jansson, Claes Johnson

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Description of this Ebook

This book presents a New Theory of Flight describing in precise mathematical terms for the first time, how the flow of air around a wing can generate a lift to drag ratio larger than 10, which makes flight possible for birds and airplanes at affordable power. The New Theory is a spin-off of the resolution of D’Alembert’s Paradox of zero lift and drag of potential flow (stationary irrotational inviscid incompressible flow) formulated in 1752, which was published by the authors in 2008. D’Alembert’s Paradox paralyzed theoretical fluid mechanics from start and the birth of modern fluid mechanics is traditionally counted as the resolution presented in 1904 by Ludwig Prandtl coronating him to Father of Modern Fluid Mechanics [144], an epithet asking for revision in the light of the New Theory


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