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Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics 

by Christopher E. Brennen

Publisher: Oxford University Press 1995

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Description of this Ebook

This book describes and explains the fundamental physical processes involved in bubble dynamics and the phenomenon of cavitation. It is intended as a combination of a reference book for those scientists and engineers who work with cavitation or bubble dynamics and as a monograph for advanced students interested in some of the basic problems associated with this category of multiphase flows. A basic knowledge of fluid flow and heat transfer is assumed but otherwise the analytical methods presented are developed from basic principles. The book begins with a chapter on nucleation and describes both the theory and observations of nucleation in flowing and non-flowing systems. The following three chapters provide a systematic treatment of the dynamics of the growth, collapse or oscillation of individual bubbles in otherwise quiescent liquids. Chapter 4 summarizes the state of knowledge of the motion of bubbles in liquids. Chapter 5 describes some of the phenomena which occur in homogeneous bubbly flows with particular emphasis on cloud cavitation and this is followed by a chapter summarizing some of the experiemntal observations of cavitating flows. The last chapter provides a review of the free streamline methods used to treat separated cavity flows with large attached cavities.


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