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Mechanical Engineering Handbook by ONGC


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The darkness disappears the moment the lamp is lit. Mind is the
seat of thoughts and storehouse of knowledge. Knowledge constitutes
skill, key to development and symbol to prosperity. Seamless access to
information about knowledge is absolute necessity for a successful
organization. There will not be any boundary for the talented people.
Outputs with quality efforts deserve rewards. People of high calibre
always perform to the best of their ability and reach unmatchable level
of performances. This book is a repository of knowledge for the readers.
It has possessed variety of technical information. It helps to develop
multidimensional skills and quality of the workforce. Knowledge reduces
expenses, redundant efforts and guides the people properly to achieve
the better result. This book is quite suitable for those who aspire for
knowledge. The knowledge revolution will help to enhance human
productivity. The topics covered in this book are more informative. It will
give clear-cut vision; enhance confidence level and employees potential.
Of course this book is an astute analysis of several technical literatures
related with Mechanical Engineering Discipline. I appreciate the efforts
made by Shri. K. Chelladurai, SE (MECH) in bringing out this
“Mechanical Engineers Hand Book” to the young executives of ONGC
for more enlightenment.



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